Where to find pro selfie photography studio?

Discover the leading first selfie professional photography studio in Dubai, the first 3D Selfie that offers the high quality end photography.

For over a period of more than 10 years, our 3D photographers have been providing professional services in different photography sphere around DXB, find Vogue Xpert Studio get the 3D reality definition and more artworks.

Enjoy your time with Vogue Xpert Studio, there are a lot of fun times. Dive into memorable pictures captured by professional photographers in Dubai. Explore our interactive gallery including our massive portfolio and have a blast!

Vogue Xpert Studio also makes it possible by bringing their clients closer to art through the use of hand painted ‘Trick-Art’ paintings and optical illusions.

- Imagine all the poses you can make while taking high quality selfie photos at Vogue Xpert Studio.

- Bring your entire family for entire photoshoots! The studio offers spacious scenes and it is all about taking pictures and being creative in front of the lens.

- Come with your friends along! It’s always more fun and super amazing when you bring over your friends and family. We promise that you will have a memorable time.

- Dress comfortably in clothes that will let you stretch your legs and arms.